Interview with New Jack Witch / by Alkistis

I was recently interviewed by Vanessa Irena for New Jack Witch. Words on witchcraft, sabbatic dance and butoh, and Babalon. 

What is Sabbatic Dance?

It’s the dance of darkness, ankoku buto, as I practice it. With butoh one always strives towards a highly individual dance. I’m not concerned with belonging to butoh as a style or genre, but in rooting the philosophy and developing the methodologies of the art in a specific terrain. That terrain for me is connected to the witches’ sabbatic dance, which I understand as taking place in a physical landscape, that is at the same time imaginal, affective and mythic. Essentially, it a place of encounter, and of strangeness.

But importantly, the sabbat points to a submerged history and territory – ‘a dark continent’ – of repression and exploitation, that had begun to be explored by artists and poets as well as feminist and marxist intellectuals, confronting the accounts of demonologists, the historical records of witchcraft trials, and the graphically evocative iconography of the witch. All those elements were coalesced in time to form a ‘coherent’ other, an enemy. The formation of a witchcraft in the imaginative realm prefigures its baptism in flesh and action, and it is inevitably taken up by those marked as heretic (such as Jack Parsons and Marjorie Cameron). The mask is worn precisely because it affords - by virtue of its imaginative genesis and its very nature – freedom, license, and an ontological fluidity...

The full interview can be read on New Jack Witch.