Sabbatic dance


The sabbatic dance is an ongoing documentation of my butō praxis and dance research: chor(e)ographies and improvisational performances; investigations into physiological and kinesthetic consciousness; and of dance as an act of poïesis that performs a passage from the inner environment to the outer, and vice versa. It was born of my search for the dance immanent in my body, for the body is both primal presence and archaic knowing; and for a butō that would take root in the West, immerged in a common mythic and physical landscape. The sabbatic dances explore a boundless, shifting terrain, yet one marked by certain features: metamorphic, liminal, erotic; a wild terrain which transfigures the body that traverses it, and from which a sensual, corporeal language emerges, de novo. There is an urgent need to return to our prelinguistic mother tongue, the primal voice of movement; and a corresponding impulse to participate in and experience the communion of the sabbat, that celebration of pure carnality ‘experienced as nakedness.’



  • The occulted body. Conceptions of the body relating to performance, ritual and creative process: the ‘body in crisis’ and le sujet en procèsnikutai (body of flesh); karada (empty body); the nomadic body; the lucid body/body of light etc.
  • The role of movement and the tactile-kinesthetic sense in epistemology, and to elucidate ideas of bodily (carnal) knowledge: knowing in and through the body.
  • The figure(s) of the ecstatic-demoniac-witch – as a continuum of spiritual experience (rapture-possession-trance), rather than as distinct categories. The physiological and kinesthetic influences on consciousness, particularly trance and possession states. The pathology of spiritual experience and creativity.
  • The correlation between dance, magic/witchcraft and sexual, erotic and generative power.
  • Animal transformation, movement and behaviours; the realm of the senses; atavistic memory.
  • Exploration of ‘the threshold’ in artistic creation and in performance; the passage from inner/esoteric to outer/exoteric; ecstatic flight and the otherworldly journey; the witches’ dance.
  • Chorography and the creation of sacred space, the space of creation.
  • Extended voice, especially in relation to movement.