The decollation of flowers


Choreography and dance: Alkistis Dimech
Music: Michel Titin-Schnaider, Étude pour guitare électrique
Video: Veronica Navia

Extract (of the third part) from The decollation of flowers, 49 minute solo performance on the Feast of St John the Baptist at the Convitto San Vittorino, Benevento for the En chair et en son festival, 2017.

The decollation of flowers is the first in a projected series of dances whose subject is the nymph. It describes the rite of passage of a girl (korasion/Kore/Salomè). The work is in 5 parts: 1, the girl enters; 2, the girl gathers flowers; 3, the girl dances; 4, la Méduse d’air; and 5, deflowered/Kalyptromè.

The dance is dedicated to my mother, Betty Joy.